Forum Title: Re-filling pool
We just had one of the legs on our AGP replaced today because it was apparently cracked during the install last year. During the process we had to drain the pool and now we are filling it back up. Here in Virginia the pollen is crazy right now and there is a thick yellow scum on the surface of the water. My question is should I hook the pump and filter up now and start running it without adding chlorine just to keep the junk out of the pool, then add bleach when the water temp gets around 60? Or should I just wait until the temp comes up and fully open it then?
Category: pool Post By: NICOLE GOMEZ (Deltona, FL), 02/07/2019

If it's full, you need to get it balanced and running. That includes bleach and stabilizer. With that pollen load in there, you'll be looking at a green swamp in a couple days otherwise. too-cold-for-algae-wrong-swamp-to-sparkle-in10-days-50-t55062.html

- NELSON MARQUEZ (Burbank, CA), 04/11/2019

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