Forum Title: Need Help with Opening Pool
We have opened our pool and found a green pond. I have learned a lot from last year as far as shocking and getting our water to turn to a sparkiling oasis. However, last year our cya was on the high side, and this year when I tested, it showed that we have none.(the lowest the test kit will allow me to test is 30 and it was less than that). So my question is, what do I do about not having cya? I am scared to add it because of the problems we had last year with having too much. Is it possible to go back to using our chlorine sticks in order to add cya? or, when shocking the pool, do we need to turn off the sticks. If we leave the sticks on does it cause a false reading for the overnight testing? PH 7.3 FC 9 CC 0.6 CYA 0 Thanks for help!
Category: pool Post By: JESUS LAWSON (Jackson, TN), 03/08/2019

Sure, you can use them. It might actually speed things up, because you'll be continuously adding chlorine in the intervals between pouring bleach in. They won't substitute for the bleach, since they don't dissolve fast enough. And you'll need to remove them if they haven't dissolved all the way in order to do the overnight loss test.

- RAFAEL SHELTON (Daytona Beach, FL), 04/02/2019

Thanks i will try it then. We put some sticks in the two nights ago and our cya is still reading below 30, so maybe I will turn the dial up on them.

- GERTRUDE SHELTON (Encinitas, CA), 04/05/2019

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