Forum Title: How to Remove Leaf Stains Upon Opening Pool?
When I opened my pool that's been covered with a Loop Loc mesh cover all winter, I was able to vacuum to waste all the dirt and debris in it with no problem. Since then, however, I've noticed there are quite a few orangish-colored stains in it. I've scrubbed them with a wire pool brush, and they're not coming out, which leads me to believe they aren't algae. I'm thinking these are leaf stains, and am wondering what the best method for removing them is? I've been told I can try getting some vitamin C from WalMart and putting that over the stains to see if it removes them. Sounds simple...but a bit harder when I think about, exactly how do I do this?. I suppose I could put a couple of tablets in a nylon stocking and press it down onto one of the stains, holding it there for a few minutes, and see if that works. If it does....great! Then I think, how do I do this for the stains on the bottom of the pool? Obviously, the water's too cold right now to climb in, so holding the stocking down with my foot isn't possible. Has anyone here had this issue? Is there a good solution available?
Category: pool Post By: CLAIRE FRANCIS (Round Rock, TX), 03/07/2019

Leaf stains are organic and will be slowly removed with elevated chlorine. Once your pool is shocked and your water is crystal clear, elevate your chlorine to about double it's normal level and the leaf stains will slowly disappear....may take a week or so. Vitamin C tabs are for metal stains....not organic

- ALICE PARKER (Torrance, CA), 03/29/2019

Leaf stains are almost always organic stains, which can be removed by a couple of days at shock level, or longer at regular levels. If you wanted to try the Vitamin C test, take a single Vitamin C tablet, drop it into the pool, slide it into position with a pole, and see what happens. I doubt that it will have any effect in this situation however.

- Boris Dunn (Fresno, CA), 04/20/2019

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