Forum Title: Above Ground Pool-Winterizing ...and Antifreeze?
I have a 22' x 52 above ground Intex pool and an Intex Salt/Sand filter. I am using the PristineBlue winterizing kit for my Salt/Sand filter for the first time. This kit says that following the complete application of their products for winterizing, that I should then follow up with antifreeze, but it doesn't tell me how much or how to add it. I live in northern Virginia, and we do get freezing and below freezing temps in the winter. I am also covering my pool with an Easy Dome above ground pool cover which has a drain kit built in for rain and snow water to drain off the top. Last year I used the standard chlorine type winterizing kit and it seemed to do fine but I was concerned about the copper electrode and metal sensor in my Salt/Sand filter, and an abundance of chlorine. So, I searched and found the PristineBlue kit to use this year. Everything has been put in but the antifreeze and this is where I'm stumped! I will close and bring in the filter itself from the outside and drain the sand tank, cover it in plastic, and then a canvas cover over the whole thing. I am also removing the hoses. However, this summer I installed a Hayward skimmer to the side of my pool and it says that I should drain the water to 6 below the skimmer. I have a winter skimmer plug to close it, however, the Easy Dome cover requires that you leave your pool water at maximum level (so is not to weigh down the cover and so the drain can work), what do I do in this situation? And how much, where, and how do I add the antifreeze to my pool? I have approx. 9.5k gallons in my pool. Thanks so much! -Catherine 22' X 52 Intex Above Ground Pool, Intex salt/sand filter, Northern Virginia
Category: pool Post By: DEAN SANTOS (Lawrence, MA), 02/06/2019

Hi, welcome to TFP! Antifreeze is to prevent the underground pipes from bursting in the event of a hard freeze. Since you are draining the pump and filter and have removed the hoses you have no underground plumbing to worry about. As far as the skimmer goes, once the hose is removed you can leave the opening unplugged and any rain water or snow melt will drain through the opening. You do not need to drain 6 below the skimmer.

- SIDNEY BLAIR (Athens, GA), 04/12/2019

Welcome to TFP ! I agree with zea. You also don't need a winterizing kit either. All you need to do is when the water temp is below 60, bring your FC up to shock level for your CYA level with bleach and you'll be fine. ?

- K Brown (Tampa, FL), 03/28/2019

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